Your individual mind is key to your future.

Collective consciousness is a lost cause that we didn't take advantage of in time.

Your individual mind is key to your future.

When I started out in spirituality 20 years ago, everything was about collective consciousness and learning how to tap into it.

Through meditation, you were not only capable of liberating yourself from your body, you could also liberate yourself from your mind and be part of a collective mind, where your thinking didn't exist on the individual level anymore.

Instead, it tapped into a shared mind far beyond any human being, and it was the purpose of humanity to reach that evolutionary level in order to create a better future for itself.


Five years later I met my spiritual mentor, Calle Montsegur, who taught me another and more autonomous approach than meditation, and confirmed to me that collective consciousness was indeed the goal of humanity.

A couple of years after that, I got a second confirmation from my Indian Yogi friend, who is one of the masters of an ancient Indian lineage of yogis.

His approach was more traditional, but the overall message was the same. We are heading for collective consciousness, and only through that can we evolve.

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