Your defining moment.

There is more to what meets the eye in your defining moment, and it can take years to find. But rest assure it's there.

Your defining moment.

We all have a moment where we can say that there was life before it, and after it.

For me, it was the meeting with my spiritual mentor, Calle Montségur, who gave me the crystallization of his method and philosophy as a Seer, before he died 18 months later.

It set in motion a process of change that turned my life upside-down, but more importantly, it put me on the path of knowledge.

I needed to understand what I was experiencing, so I started my quest for knowledge about the mind, consciousness, and the spiritual traditions of the world.

Path of knowledge

Like so many others before me, it led me to India, where the Sankhya philosophy became my theoretical bedrock.

There are three basic paths to enlightenment according to the Indian mythology: service, devotion, and knowledge.

It's key to figure out which one is right for you, and once you have, it's crucial to stick to it. Don't mix them with each other.

My path is knowledge, and I found out by looking at what I didn't get from Calle.

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