Writing is mind traveling.

Every time you write, you take yourself and your reader on a journey inside your mind. It's a lot like travel writing, actually.

Writing is mind traveling.

Many people write when they travel as a natural way of memorizing, sharing, and digesting their experiences.

I love that way of using writing, and travel literature is one of my favorite genres. Nowadays, it’s done mostly through travel blogs, but back in the day writers created some amazing travel books. Just think about Bruce Chatwin, for example.

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging (I have been a blogger for more than 20 years), but with different formats come different stories, and different agendas.

Many travel bloggers simply do it to get traffic and sell ads for financing their travels, rather than for writing beautiful prose.

As a result, it’s often, “The ten best remote places in the world”, “How to avoid this and that”, or “The top five mistakes travelers make”.

Nothing wrong with good advice, but I really miss the kind of travel writing that comes from bringing the reader with you on the journey.

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