Why do unique individuals matter?

Only unique individuals can change the world, and we need a lot more of them to discover the next-big-thing solutions of the future. Learn why in this video.

Why do unique individuals matter?
Photo by Dan Meyers / Unsplash

It's pretty evident that the world is out of whack, and that we are not going to have a world to move forward into if we don't change it for the better.

The problem is our standard industrial mindset, which is fantastic in so many ways, but it has had its time. We have to move on with a new mindset to solve the problems of tomorrow.

That requires the mindset of the unique individuals, who are the only once who can change the world because they think in ways that lead to solutions we have never thought of before.

However, there are not enough unique individuals in the world to fix the issues, unless we reeducate and convert our standard industrial mindset to the more innovative mindset of the unique individuals.

That's a process we have to go through in every organization and institution of the world, and in starts within. By going through a process of personal development with this particular focus, we can all play our part in changing the world as unique individuals.  

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