When in doubt, let your voice lead.

It's hard to trust your voice, but it knows where to go better than your mind.

When in doubt, let your voice lead.

A few days ago I finished the first draft of my next book. It's a fantasy novel, and it's my first work of fiction. I wrote the first few sentences of it in 2008, and it has been with me ever since, but I didn't get around to finish it until this past year.

Now it's done, and I'm both proud and scared. Proud that I made it through what I consider the hardest process there is. Scared that it's not good enough and doesn't meet the taste buds of critics.

However, I know one thing to be true: When in doubt, let your voice lead. We can't foresee where it will take us, and we risk weakening it if we interfere with it. We must learn to trust it and let it lead us to our destination.

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