Water is life.

Discover your true being, and explore what is taking place under the surface of life.

Water is life.

By Graphical Poet

Water is like a fraction of air. An organism that contains intelligent cells that breathe life into other organisms. Pouring life force into you, so you can perform.

Raindrops, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, and drinking water. They all contain it. The force that makes other organisms live.

Isn’t that magical?

Personally, I love the feeling of water against my bare skin. It both cleanses, lifts, and envelops my body.

Although it may look as if water bounces off my skin, it feels as if the intelligent water molecules penetrate the skin and become one with my being.

I feel refreshed and alive from the outside in. It generates serenity.

Or, as it is expressed by this beautiful graphical symbol,

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