Unique individuals are everywhere.

Although they are not always aware of it themselves, we find unique individuals in all walks of life – and the world needs them.

Unique individuals are everywhere.
Photo by Jacek Dylag / Unsplash

It's a misunderstanding to think that unique individuals always have to be the odd-one-out.

Most of the time they look like everyone else on the surface, but once you talk to them, you discover their unique self-awareness.

More than anything, that's what makes a unique individual what it is. Not its clothes, craft, or sexual orientation.

All walks of life

Having said that, people who belong to minority groups have usually gone through a great deal of personal development to define themselves.

Hence, they are often clearer about who they are, and why they matter. The prerequisite for being a unique individual and making a difference.

In my experience, though, there is no exact place to find the unique individuals of the world. They come from all walks of life with all sorts of backgrounds.

That's exactly what makes them unique. Along the way, they discovered that they are different from people around them, and they had to find their personal power to stay like that.

We need them

In doing so, they stand out from the crowd and blaze their own trail through life.

As a consequence, there are tremendous resources in them, and it just so happens that the world is at a place where that ability is needed more than ever.

The upside of bringing unique individuals together to innovate on the solutions of tomorrow is simply mind-blazing.

The question is, if we are courageous enough to acknowledge it. Are we?

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