Transformation is about perspective.

As an innovative individual, you go through transformation alone, and seeing new perspectives can be hard.

Transformation is about perspective.

By Graphical Poet

Whether you are going through a personal development or innovation process, you do it with the purpose of transforming the existing into something new.

If not, why bother?

Under normal circumstances, you would have people around you to challenge you in the process – such as a team or a coach.

But circumstances aren't normal anymore, and you are most likely on your own. In fact, as an innovative individual, you always do your transformation alone.

Even if you have people to help you, you go through the initial process in your mind before bringing it to the table. You want your idea to be as solid as possible, before sharing it with others.

To get there, you need new perspectives. Always.

You cannot succeed in transformation without them, because the process is all about letting go of old perspectives in order to invite in new ones.

That's what sets you free on the wings of transformation.

The power of the Five Element Mindset is exactly like that.

It immediately gives you five different perspectives to any problem and context.

As a result, your process becomes easier.

Or, as it is expressed by this beautiful graphical symbol,

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