Together, towards higher ground.

Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band's recording of his album “Letter to You” made me reflect on collective consciousness and how hard it is to achieve.

Together, towards higher ground.

One of my favourite artists in the world is Bruce Springsteen. I grew up with his music in the 80s and have been listening to him ever since. His songs have always been playing at the back of my mind and shaped parts of who I am.

Known mostly as a rock'n roll singer I believe he is often misunderstood as an artist. He has a profound philosophical depth, which is rooted in his unique ability to see both the front and the back of life.

His songs are full of expressions of how he senses life. A smell, a sound, a state of mind, a memory. A character he meets on his way, or what it means to be a human being at a particular time and place.

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