The trinity of voice, tool, and format.

If you take care of your voice, it takes care of you, and the best place to start is finding the right tool for it.

The trinity of voice, tool, and format.

Your voice isn't a static thing, but a dynamic entity with a life of its own. You have to develop it throughout your life, and as you do, you discover that it develops you too.

Simply put, if you nurse it, it also takes care of you; and since your voice has a natural tendency towards certain tools and formats, it makes sense to find those and give it access to them.

I call it the trinity of voice, tool and format, and it's not easy to find. Too often we have all sorts of ideas about our voice that are not true. Before we know it, we are sidetracking in life and spending precious time on something that's not our voice.

As a result, we suffer. It hurts on the inside, and we feel an urge to bring our voice into play the right way.

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