The story that never ends.

We wouldn't be able to develop our mind if we didn't have stories for exchanging ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

The story that never ends.
Photo by Reuben Juarez / Unsplash

The unspoken truth of personal development is that in our pursuit of understanding ourselves, we embark on a journey that never ends.

So the natural question to ask is, why go on the journey in the first place?

The answer is, for the sake of stories. If we didn't go, there wouldn't be a journey, and thereby no stories to tell.

A tool for reflection

Humans depend on stories. Not only for information and entertainment, but for personal growth.

Whenever we hear a story, we get something to reflect on, and that reflection is in itself a personal development process.

Not always the second-to-none kind, but a process of personal understanding and maturation nonetheless.

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