The power of savoir-faire.

Most know-how online is the same, but as an innovative individual, you want to separate yourself from the mainstream and build true savoir-faire.

The power of savoir-faire.
Photo by Nam Hoang / Unsplash

How often do you come across a person, who knows just what to do, and does it in a way, you have never seen before?

Although many claim to have savoir-faire (or know-how as it's called in English, but the French version sounds better), what they offer is usually what everyone else has. It's not really that original.

It's especially true in the creator economy, where many imitate what others are saying or doing, but wrap it in a slightly different way.

How many YouTube videos haven't you seen, for instance, that look more or less alike? It's a little too easy becoming an expert like that.

Copy cats everywhere

Not that there is anything new about it. On the free market, people steal from each other all the time.

We have seen it over and over again in the smartphone and computer industry, where almost all brands have copied Apple at some point.

It happens all over the place, and it's something you have to be particularly aware of as an innovative individual.

The reason is this,

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