The power of questions.

Evolution is driven by asking questions, but there are two questions more powerful than any other.

The power of questions.
Photo by Camylla Battani / Unsplash

By Michell Léon

If your mind were the inhabitants of a town, your ability to ask questions about yourself and life would have the role of the local seeker.

You know, the person who is always in search of a way to change his/hers/its environment to find out what's constant in life.

They live amongst us, those seekers, and if they don't travel from place to place, they seek answers within. All the time.

Deeper understanding

They are a rare breed closely related to the sage (scientist), but they are not the same.

Where the sage is more interested in discovering the truth at all costs, the seeker is on an adventure with the purpose of personal development.

He/she/it seeks a deeper sense of understanding. Something of a more philosophical and spiritual nature.

It's about connecting with life and transforming through it, just as much as being able to explain it.

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