The power of playfulness.

Innovation is a key part of the world we live in, but without playfulness it never happens. This includes finding your voice as a writer.

The power of playfulness.

"I have been serious my whole life in order to find myself, but now that I have, all I want is to do is play."

I found myself writing that sentence in my diary this morning. Playing is an often overlooked part of being an adult, and sure, it's not for everyone. It takes honesty towards yourself to get into serious play. You cannot play half-hearted.

It's no wonder we find it hard to play as adults, when we don't know who we are. Play is like an X-ray machine that shows everyone around us what we carry on the inside. We feel exposed when playing, and so we keep the urge to play under the hood and never let it out. Eventually, it withers, and we forget it was ever part of us.

That's unfortunate, because playfulness leads straight to innovation, and without that, well, just imagine the world without it. It would be a total disaster. There is a reason our level of innovation is higher than ever, and still increasing. We need it. It's the way of the future.

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