The path of the dark ruler.

We all have it in us, and don't want to admit it, but as unique individuals, we have to be particular aware of it.

The path of the dark ruler.
Photo by Akshar Dave🌻 / Unsplash

One of the mistakes we often make in life is thinking that we can enforce our will on it.

Life doesn't work that way for the simple reason that we are not alone in it.

So in order to change anything long term, we have to integrate ourselves with life around us.

The innocent beginning

It sounds like a no-brainer, but none-the-less, we keep making that same mistake over and over again.

It begins by deciding on a goal we want to achieve. We then make a plan in order to get there, and start focusing on it.

Nothing wrong with that. It's how change is build from the ground up, but then life takes a different turn.

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