The oak in the acorn.

Sometimes the big picture is not yet visible, and we are so busy looking at life itself that we never get to looking beyond it.

The oak in the acorn.

One of the biggest problems of being human is that we don't see the big picture. We might think we do, but in reality our human perspective is small, even when we think big.

It's the principle often referred to as “the oak in the acorn”; a beautiful and very poetic term. Sometimes greatness is not yet visible. Sometimes it's still in its infancy, as an idea or a hope. But it doesn't mean it's not there.

Sadly, we are quick to overlook it. We are so busy taking care of life that we don't register what lies beyond life itself. We don't see the oak in the acorn, but it's key to understand life on a deeper level.

Time on our side

It takes time to grow an oak, and we are scared of time. We feel that time destroys us, but in reality time is on our side. It's what makes us grow, like an oak. We never see it, though, because we have disconnected ourselves from eternity.

Our mind is always occupied with what happens within time and space. We keep focusing on acorn after acorn and never get to the part, where we actually see the oak.


The thing is that we all have that oak within us. It's there. Waiting to be nurtured, matured and unfolded. All we have to do it reconnect with eternity, and we spot it immediately. We then understand that it's everywhere. All the time.

Our voice, in all of its vibrant forms, is the tool to do that. Whatever the practice it acts as a lever for reconnecting with eternity – and seeing the big picture.

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