The magic of golden dust.

This exercise does a great job transforming your writing into something with a higher vibration.

The magic of golden dust.

In this rather mysterious exercise, which belongs to the Space element, I will share with you a simple version of using your imagination as a transformative tool for your writing.

The goal is to achieve a critical mass of a higher mental vibration to transform a lower. If you are interested in physics, it has to do with the following principle,

A high vibration can contain a low, but a low cannot contain a high.

Every time we ping a TV signal via satellite we use that principle. We take a lower frequency (TV signal) and convert it to a higher frequency (satellite signal) to transmit it, and then we convert to a lower frequency (TV signal) again at the receiving end.

Here, we use the same principle, but the signal is our thought patterns, and the tool we use (the converter) is imaginative golden dust.

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