The intelligence of freedom.

To get a maximum degree of personal freedom going forwards, we have to work together, alone.

The intelligence of freedom.
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It's a bit of a paradox, but it's where we are as a species. To innovate the solutions of the future, we have to work together, alone.

Also known as collaborative intelligence, our need for it has never been bigger.

It's the only human answer we have to counter-balance AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Technological tsunami

The reason is, that AI is finally here on a consumer level, and it's sweeping across the world like a technological tsunami.

School policies are changed over-night in fear of students cheating, and university professors are seeing their life-long accumulated knowledge diluted to a millisecond answer in a chatbot.

Our entire work-life and educational infrastructure is about to collapse, because why spend all that time going to school to learn something already known by AI?

Today, a ten-year-old kid can get almost any answer from an AI-bot better and faster than any adult teacher can find it in their mind.

And why would I spend hours writing a newsletter such as this, when I can ask a chatbot to do it for me in no time?

Where does it leave us as humans?

Collaborative intelligence

The answer is collaborative intelligence. By weaving our minds together in a shared process, we can do what humans have always done best: to innovate.

Doing it alone is no longer an option, though, because none of us has the brain power to compete with AI.

However, when we use collaborative intelligence, we get access to powerful, innovative resources that even AI cannot foresee.

We are talking about the curveballs. The weird combinations. The funny glitches in the human mind.

In other words, the unique solutions, based on unique decisions, made by unique individuals.

That's the game we are in, and it's not a science-fiction scenario. It's here, and it's real. Now.

Two options

From a personal growth point-of-view, it leaves us with two fundamental options.

  1. We can let AI point out a standard path for us.
  2. We can collaborate to find our own unique trail.

Either way, technology is forcing us to answer the question of what kind of human being we want to be.

The luxury of letting it happen by itself is no longer present. We have to get involved in the process of self-discovery, one way or the other.

Empowering unique individuals

Mindblaze has chosen option number two.

We believe in the power of unique individuals, but we also know they can't do it alone.

As a consequence, we are focusing wholeheartedly on collaborative intelligence going forwards.

However, we do it in a way that gives you a maximum degree of personal freedom, since we believe it's the best way to let you grow as a unique individual.

By using asynchronous, remote facilitation (yes, it's impossible to pronounce) we make it easier to be a unique individual, wherever you are.

Facilitators needed!

Therefore, as of today, our monthly, remote group-workshop is available from the Discovery-tier.

It means you get access to this powerful way of personal growth for just 9 Euro a month!

It includes our comment-based community, which is an important part of collaborative intelligence. We have to share what we learn to get better, right?

Also, we are focusing Mindblaze Academy entirely on educating facilitators according to our mindset.

Facilitators play a key role in this new era of mankind because they are specialists in making it easier to solve problems in innovative ways.

They operate where “the rubber meets the road” so to speak, and the world requires a lot more of them.

At Mindblaze Academy, you can educate yourself as a facilitator in 12 weeks for only 99 Euro a month!

It gives you a conceptual approach to facilitate in any context you operate.

Whether in self-discovery or business, the fundamental mindset is the same, and you can easily combine it with what you know and innovate on it.

Compare that to a coaching-course asking you for ten times that amount, at least.

R.I.P. mindset programs

As a natural effect of this strategy, we are retiring our mindset programs.

Using a prefixed conversation doesn't make sense in a world where AI-coaching does the heavy lifting.

At Mindblaze, we believe that soon, 80 percent of all coaching will happen in a coaching-bot for a fraction of the price of a human session. And, it will be better than the average coach out there.

Only few coaches will survive this change, and those who do will have specialized in top-tier coaching for at least 1000 Euro a session.

Which brings us back to facilitation and collaborative intelligence because it's something that requires true human skills, like emotions and intuition.

AI doesn't feel anything, but when you facilitate a collaborative process for a group of people, that's exactly what you need.

So, at the end of the day, we think asynchronous, remote facilitation is the best way forward.

Not just for us, but for humanity as a whole. It's where we get a maximum degree of personal freedom, self-discovery, and innovation all at the same time.

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