The healing power of water.

Whenever we need healing, we seek out water one way or the other, and there are two perfectly good reasons for it.

The healing power of water.

Have you ever noticed that we always seek out water when we need to heal?

We go to a spa, for instance, or we go to the sea for our summer holiday to heal our wounds from a year of work.

There is also the scenario of standing under the shower longer than necessary after a tough workout.

Or, although a bit extreme, a rape victim curling up in fetus position under the running water for hours to try to wash off the pollution of her body.

99 percent water

It seems we all have a natural understanding in our biological system that water heals, and there is a perfectly good reason for it: We are water!

On a molecular level we are 99 percent water, so it makes perfect sense that we seek out the very substance we are made of, when we have to realign ourselves with life.

Water has the ability to dissolve almost anything it comes into contact with. It has a blending effect and likes to mix itself with other substances. That's how we are able to wash dirt off our hands.

But how do we wash off what we carry on the inside, like emotional stress, for example?

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