The future of setting your mind.

In a time when we all think more or less the same way, the new radical technologies can actually improve our individual uniqueness.

The future of setting your mind.

As we move closer to a reality of artificial intelligence, high-tech implants in our brain, and other groundbreaking technologies, it's important to build an understanding of the evolutionary level we are on the verge of entering.

It can be hard at first, because the technologies involved are radical, but once you let go of your fear of the unknown, you start seeing the possibilities for mind-blowing human uniqueness.

Your full potential

In a world build on a hundred-year-old industrial standardization of what it means to be human, these innovative technologies offer an unprecedented level of being individuals.

Or, to put in another way, we actually get to realize the full potential of our mind and personality, instead of having to think like everyone else.

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