The danger of a previous path.

Figuring out your path to self realization by only doing what feels right comes with a huge pitfall.

The danger of a previous path.
Photo by Lubo Minar / Unsplash

When you are striving to find your path to self realization, you are constantly confronted with choices that can lead you to it – or away from it.

As mentioned in earlier newsletters, there are three basic paths, according to Indian mythology:

The path of service, the path of devotion, and the path of knowledge.

Neither of them are better than the others. They each have their strengths, so your path of choice is a question of your personal preference.

Your higher self

To figure out the right one, you have to go with what feels right, but if you only do that, you risk ending up in one of the biggest pitfalls in personal development.

You see, it's also part of Indian mythology to believe in reincarnation, and as a consequence the concept of the three paths rests on that principle.

It means that when you arrive in this life you are already carrying memories from your previous lives (unless you are a first timer), and they affect your choices.

Your memories are stored in the channel of your higher self (soul), and you rarely have any cognitive awareness of it.

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