The burning point.

Your voice is born out of fire, and arises from a burning point of whatever makes it tick. It must be harnessed and balanced to serve you well, though.

The burning point.

Everything has a burning point. Meaning, the degree of temperature at which it burns. Meaning, that everything burns at some point.

So does your voice as a writer. Remember, writing is a direct result of the fire element. Without the ability to think, you wouldn't be able to write.

And, without the technologies of writing (pen, paper, computers, and the printing press) your writing wouldn't see the light of day.

As humans, we owe everything to the fire element, the element of thought.

Writing is thinking

So when I say that your voice has a burning point, it means that something makes you think. Some kind of thought enters your mind and makes you write about it.

Even if you are just writing about what you are sensing, you are activating your cognitive abilities and turning emotion into emotional awareness, also called feeling.

How do I know that? Here is why,

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