The avatar way.

Sometimes you just don't have access to a professional coach, and then it's great to be able to take the process yourself.

The avatar way.

The first step in any kind of personal growth is figuring out who you are, and it's pretty difficult. It might seem easy to begin with, but once you get the process going, you discover how hard it is to define yourself.

There are many reasons for this. One of them is that you are a lot more than a narrow definition. We all are. Another is that you might not be somebody at all. None of us are.

Self sparring

Whether you belong at one side of the spectrum or the other, it's always helpful to see yourself from the outside in the process.

To do that, you would normally need sparring from another person, like a professional coach.

But sometimes you just don't have access to such a person, and then it's great to be able to do the process yourself.

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