The art of upgrading your mind.

You can't change to a completely different operating system, but you can make the one you have better.

The art of upgrading your mind.

When you think of your mind, think of it as an operating system on a computer.

Although your mind is much more advanced than both macOS, Windows and Linux together, the way it works is not so far away from them.

Live with it

You see, your basic mindset in life is your operating system. You can't change it once you have it.

It was given to you as a child, and now it's there as the foundation of your mind. You have to live with it and make the best of it.

The way out

That doesn't mean you are stuck in a never ending maze of complexity and malfunction forever, though.

There is a way out, and it goes through the dungeons of your mind. All it takes is an upgrade of it.

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