Stick to your path.

There are three main paths to self realization, and unless you have chosen the wrong one from the start, you must stick to your path to make it.

Stick to your path.
Photo by Francisco Gonzalez / Unsplash

According to Indian mythology, there are three different paths to self realization.

The path of service, the path of devotion, and the path of knowledge.

Depending on who you are, you must choose the right one, and once done, stick to it. You are not supposed to mix them with each other.

Tradition does matter

As a person with a modern mindset, that last part is difficult, because we have a tendency to create an individual synthesis.

It's how we have evolved for the last 30 years within almost any context, and for good reason.

By taking an innovative approach based on non-linear thinking, we have been able to challenge and disrupt the traditions and create far better solutions than ever before.

However, when it comes to self realization, it might just be a good idea to stick to tradition. At least on a conceptual level.

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