Spontaneous insight comes gradually.

Your mind cannot absorb everything at once, so you have to do it in steps.

Spontaneous insight comes gradually.
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T / Unsplash

One of the key principles in personal development is practice. No matter how you go about becoming a better version of yourself, you have to practice it regularly.

It doesn't necessarily have to be daily (although that's a good thing) but you will need a consistent practice to make it work.

Think of it like a fitness program. If you don't train at least twice a week, you won't make any progress.

Personal development is the same. You commit to it, or don't.

A quantum leap

The reason is simple: you want to increase the probability for spontaneous insight.

In personal development, that's the equivalent of overnight success for the entrepreneur or artist; or enlightenment for the spiritual seeker.

Spontaneous insight is what takes you to a new orbit in your perception. It's a quantum leap of your mind into a dimension, where everything clicks into place.

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