Self-discovery as a lifestyle.

To create change as a seeker, you must find your constant within, and make it your lifestyle.

Self-discovery as a lifestyle.
Photo by Chris Anderson / Unsplash

Being true to yourself is crucial, but if you want to build real change on it, you have to make it a lifestyle.

That includes the process of self-discovery, but unlike other lifestyle regimes it's a little more fluid to work with.

It has to do with the fact that seekers are always looking for something new. As a result, their process isn't based on finding a recipe and sticking with it for life.

Rather, it's to explore their constant within in an ever-changing environment.

Never a place

As a seeker, you have to look for that part of you that you can bring with you wherever you go.

It can be almost anything, but it has to be available to you anywhere at any given time.

If not, it won't work, and you will just forget about it while moving on to the next thing to explore.

Naturally, it cannot be a place. Depending on a place to be true to yourself, doesn't correlate with being a seeker.

Not that it's wrong to be dependent on a place, it's just not a seeker thing, so it's a great way of testing yourself.

If you can't be who you really are, unless you are present in a specific place, then you are not a seeker.

Something simple

What you are looking for is something that keeps you going in your self-discovery process no matter what.

Usually it's something simple, but whatever it is, you must build a lifestyle around it as the core of your being.

To me, for instance, it's writing a journal with pen and paper every morning. I use it to clear my thoughts and emotions, to document my life for the future, and to strategize on how to move forward.

Other people find the same effect in drawing doodles, exercising, or meditating. It doesn't really matter as long as it's you.

So, find your constant within, start living it, and change will happen.

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