Search for subtleness.

The little messages that offer you a way forward are there all the time, but they drown in the noise of life.

Search for subtleness.
Photo by Andraz Lazic / Unsplash

In the constant noise of the world, it can be hard tapping into the subtle parts of life.

You know, the little things with a soft presence. They are easy to overlook, but say it all once you notice them.

In personal development, those are the things you should be looking for to learn and move on. They hold the answer to the questions of whatever path you take.

Forwards, not backwards

Naturally, that's easier said than done.

The hustle and bustle of life, and the endless marketing messages of “seven steps to happiness” and the like, tend to block your ability to connect with what matters.

However, they are there all the time. The messages that actually offer you a way forward instead of backwards.

They are part of your life and do their best to get your attention, but it's hard for them, because they are subtle. They simply drown in the noise of life.

So what to do?

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