Remember the radical days? They're back!

Sometimes we don't see the part we play in life, because we are too caught up in the present moment.

Remember the radical days? They're back!

Where were you in life when the Internet came out? I mean, when it started to be a thing for the non-geeky people?

If you are too young to remember, here is a little service message for you.

The Internet happened on a big scale in the mid-nineties and as a consequence, everyone had to bend their thinking from linear to non-linear.

Everything in the world could suddenly be connected, and it didn't take long for innovation to spur all sorts of combinations, which had never been seen before.

It was a wild west of possibilities, but at the same time the technology wasn't there yet. Even less the market, which still did things the old way.

A game changer

For me personally, the Internet was a total game changer. It completely changed my course in life, and I went all-in on the new mindset without ever looking back.

I remember how alive I felt because of what seemed to be endless possibilities. I had no doubt that the Internet would change the world as we knew it, and I wanted to be part of it as an online-journalist, storyteller, and entrepreneur.

I especially loved blogging, and the fact that anyone could publish without having to ask someone for permission, like an editor. For me, as a unique individual, it was the route to independence and freedom, and I took it.

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