Rebel brands that stir things up.

For any rebel brand, it's all about stirring things up and delivering a smarter way of doing things – including Virgin and Indian Motorcycles.

Rebel brands that stir things up.
Photo by 25snn / Unsplash

Being a rebel brand requires a provocative edge with focus on radical solutions and a disruptive agenda.

It's not a brand for everyone, and it never will be. It's for those who feel the need to stand out from the crowd – often as revolutionary.

As a result, rebel brands are iconic in their own way, and they exist precisely because they don't fit in anywhere else.

They are the epitome of someone deciding to screw the conventions and find a new path that's better and smarter.

When done well, rebel brands stir things up on the market and change the game, and in this article, we look at two of them, and how to use them for your personal development.

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