Pen and paper as a practice.

Handwriting delivers results no other practice does in quite the same way.

Pen and paper as a practice.

I'm writing this sentence with pen and paper. This one too. I love writing with pen and paper and have always loved it. I just never understood why. Until now.

I like understanding why something is the way it is. Have always been that kind of person. Maybe that's why my journey has taken me to writing? It probably is. You can't really write about something without understanding it.  

Writing has become a practice for me, and the more I use it, the more it gives me.

Whatever we practice, we become good at. It's why any practice is called just that, practice. Without consistent practice nothing comes out of it. No matter what kind of practice we are using. If we want results, we have to practice every day.

So I write — every day.

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