Open your mind.

Sometimes personal development tends to want to provide answers rather than letting you discover them yourself – and that's a problem.

Open your mind.

By Michell Léon

It seems like a paradox, but one of the biggest mistakes people make in personal development is searching for answers. The answers from others, that is.

When you do that, you take your own discovery process out of the equation, and the result is low self-esteem. That's why so many people suffer from it, even though they have spent years in personal development following various masters and gurus. Usually the spiritual kind.

Now, I have nothing against spirituality. In fact, it's my own angle to personal development. Nonetheless, it tends to want to provide answers rather than letting you discover them yourself.

A power play

That's a mistake in my optic, and I have always believed that it only serves as a demonstration of power. It's done to show that the guru, priest, or master knows something you don't, and therefore he is more powerful than you. As a result, he has the right to command you to do things in a certain way if you want to stay his disciple.

We find the same problem in education, where the professor has the power to give you good or bad grades depending on how you respond to his teachings. It's a power play, and it has got nothing to do with building up your psyche. On the contrary, it sucks it right out of you.

The key

To change that pattern of behaviour in personal development, there is only one option, and that's,

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