One point consciousness.

One activity makes it easier to obtain one-point-consciousness than almost anything else.

One point consciousness.

By Michell Léon

When dwelling with the matters of the mind, our awareness arises from a single point. There may be many streams of consciousness leading up to it, but being aware always begins in a single point.

This is also what most spiritual traditions tells us, and if we are to learn anything from them, that seems to be the key to everything else.

In the sciences of the mind, we call it concentration, which makes sense along the same line of reasoning. Only by concentrating our thoughts can we go deeper into the mind. If our thoughts are scattered, we merely touch the surface and obtain nothing.

A step further

Traditionally, spirituality takes it a step further than that, and tells us to merge with our object of concentration. Our mental faculties are not enough for this alone, so we must merge emotionally with it as well.

Once again, this is supported by the science of the mind. If we don't connect emotionally with whatever we put our mind to, we don't connect with it at all.

Then we are not present in it and gain nothing from our concentration. It might solve a problem, but to grow as humans, we have to also be emotionally invested in the problem.

Complete integration

One-point-consciousness is a better term than concentration, because it's an all-encompassing awareness, or presence.

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