Nothing is wasted.

Energy behaves entirely different from matter, yet they are closely connected. To understand life, it's essential to understand energy.

Nothing is wasted.

By Michell Léon

I have tried it over and over in my life. It's magical how this basic principle of the universe just works.

It has to do with energy, and how it behaves, which is entirely different from matter. Yet, matter and energy are so closely connected that one would expect they would have the same behaviour. They don't.

On our journey through physical life, it's easy to forget, because we are so used to only looking at the physical world. But the energy world is actually pretty important.

Lowest denominator

Think about every time you step into a room where the energy is low. You feel it immediately, and it becomes a real grind to be there, because your own energy is being drained.

So you have to concentrate your energy to feed the lower energy environment around you to balance the score. Or, you can lower your own energy to the level of the room, and thereby escape the drainage.

That's energy taking the lowest common denominator, which unfortunately is what energy does. It means that whatever low-level energy is present in either you or your surroundings, it attracts the high-level energy. Low energy simply feeds on high energy.

For example, if you have a high physical energy after having trained, but a low emotional energy, then your emotional energy will drain your body. That would not be the day you compete in your favourite sport.

The fundamental principle

Once you realize this fact, you become extremely aware of how you spend your energy, and it leads to new strategies.

For me, it resulted in a long period of time when I tried to avoid low energy in all shapes and forms. I sort of became scared of being associated with low-energy circumstances.

It seemed to me to be the logical approach, because why would I waste my energy if I didn't have to?

However, what I didn't understand at the time was this,

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