No storm can break a strong root.

It can be hard work growing a strong root. But not as hard as being thrown around by life, not knowing where you are, who you are, and why.

No storm can break a strong root.

By Graphical Poet

We are all hit by storms.
They come and go throughout our lives.
They are part of living.

When a storm hits you, you can close the hatches and hope for the best, or you can set sails and navigate through it.

Either way, you have to be strong.
Maybe stronger than ever.
Accepting that only your root may survive.

If your root is strong, no storm could ever break you.
It allows you to renew yourself. To grow again.
Even if everything else is shattered.

Knowing your root is key to surviving the storms of life.

It empowers you to do what this beautiful symbol expresses,

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