Never facilitate in fear.

Any good facilitator out there will tell you that fear leads to bad solutions. In particular, if we want them to be innovative.

Never facilitate in fear.
Photo by Luis Villasmil / Unsplash

There is a tendency to facilitate change in fear.

We see it all the time these days, and it has become a sort of virus spreading across the world.

Whether the subject is climate, energy, health, security, or the economy, the argument is always alarming.

If we don't do this now, then that will happen.

It invokes emotional stress and fear in our system in a primitive and unconstructive way.

Bad or short-sighted

However correct the estimate of the situation may be, it's a poor method for facilitating change.

As any good facilitator out there will tell you, fear leads to bad solutions. In particular, if we want them to be innovative.

It's true that innovation often grows out of necessity, but if the process is paved with stress and fear, it's likely we end up doing what we have always done. Or, the solution is short-sighted.

Either way, it's not a very efficient way of moving forwards.

Delicate state-of-mind

To be innovative, the process has to take place between a comfort zone and a fear zone.

It's a delicate state-of-mind to get a group of people into, since we are all different.

Nonetheless, it's the prerequisite for facilitating innovation, and it's time we understand that.

Otherwise, we will just see more of the same, and nothing will ever change.


The trick to making it work, is to let it be a process of self-discovery.

Even if it takes place in a business context that has nothing to do with people's personal journey, it has to be rooted in it.

The reason is simple: You have to see yourself in a new light, before you can see new ways of doing things in the context you operate.

As usual, it all starts within, and innovation is no different.

Which brings us to the point, because why would you be afraid of discovering yourself? Using fear to understand who you are and where you are going, doesn't make any sense, so why would it elsewhere?

Innovate or facilitate

In other words, to change the world, you have to either innovate or facilitate innovation, and both processes start with self-discovery.

It doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't have to take you to Nirvana. It just has to be there as a natural part of the game.

Once you nail it, you see it in everything, and you can use it in any context. The fundamental mindset is the same.

That's why Mindblaze focuses on self-discovery. We know from experience, it sets everything else in motion – especially innovation.

It's also why we educate facilitators according to our mindset. It removes the fear of the future and makes it easier for everyone to be a unique individual.

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