Mindblaze is freedom.

Personal growth is best when using the framework of the open road, since the change is always in the journey.

Mindblaze is freedom.
Photo by Mario Verduzco / Unsplash

Where most personal growth regimes want to confine you to their framework and context, Mindblaze has taken the opposite route.

Our goal is to help you find your individual trail in life, and stay on it, because we know from experience that the change is in the journey. Always.

The whole idea of our approach to personal growth is simply to invite you on an adventure and give you the framework of the open road.

We facilitate

That's why we like it when you stick with us for a while to grow and discover yourself, and then move on. It's our criteria for success.

It's also why we don't tell you what to do. We are not your teacher, trainer, or master, and we wouldn't dream of making choices on your behalf.

Instead, we facilitate your process of reflection on how you can best handle life as you know it. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Three tracks

To do that, we use three different tracks,

  1. Inspirational content like newsletters and blog posts to challenge you with new ideas (free membership).
  2. On-demand facilitation like mini-workshops and exercises to set in motion a process of personal discovery (lower paid membership).
  3. Remote group workshops and heavier on-demand programs to help you take a deep-dive into your personal growth (higher paid membership).

You can combine the tracks with each other, or you can do them separately. It's up to you, and it depends entirely on where you are in your life.

No catch

We believe you should have the freedom to do it your way, since it's the only thing that matters as a unique individual.

As always, there is no catch. You only commit to the period you subscribe to, and you can cancel, downgrade, and upgrade your membership anytime.

It's easy-peasy freedom, and it's how we roll.

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