Meet the sage.

As the knowledge-driven archetype, the sage is one of the most important personality types of our time, but it can only take us so far.

Meet the sage.
Photo by Abbat / Unsplash

We end our 12-week quest into the archetypes by taking a closer look at the sage.

Belonging to the triad of soul-seekers on a spiritual journey, the sage is motivated by independence like the explorer and the innocent.

However, where the explorer takes the road of freedom, and the innocent the road of safety, the sage walk along the path of knowledge.

Nothing is more important for the sage than the truth, and it lives by the motto,

“The truth will set you free.”

As a result, it goes to a great extent to use research, objectivity, and diligence to find it.

The sage is our natural investigator, teacher, and scientist, and it doesn't trust anything it cannot explain.

It's often thought of as a source of wisdom, but there is nothing magical about it. It's just knowledge.

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