Meet the rebel.

The rebel seeks liberation from the establishment and pursues cutting-edge solutions with the ability to disrupt the status quo.

Meet the rebel.
Photo by Robert McGowan / Unsplash

In our 12-week odyssey into the archetypes, it's time to visit the rebel (sometimes known as the maverick) and get to know it.

As a close cousin to the explorer, the rebel is also motivated by independence, but in a different way.

Where the explorer is ultimately soul-searching, the rebel wants to leave a mark in the world, and it does so by breaking the rules.

This creates a radical difference in their way of reaching independence, which ultimately sets them apart.

To put simply, the explorer pursues freedom, and the rebel pursues liberation.

Seen in a personal development perspective, it anchors them in two opposite types of motivation.

The explorer is “towards motivated” and the rebel is “away-from motivated”.

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