Meet the magician.

Motivated by the power of influence, and its own mastery of it, the magician is one of the most revered, yet also misunderstood, archetypes.

Meet the magician.
Photo by Leo Rivas / Unsplash

As one of the most revered, yet also misunderstood, archetypes, we find the magician.

It represents the invisible world, which we cannot fully comprehend, but we are fascinated by it because it promotes wonder.

As a result, we buy into it out of sheer faith in the outcome, as well as our desire to be part of something bigger we don't have words for.

We trust that the magician makes things work for us, even if we don't understand how, and delivers a truly seamless experience.

That's exactly what the magician does, and in return it gets the power of influencing and transforming how we think and act.

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