Meet the lover.

The lover archetype is driven by passion and intimate relationships with others, and it goes to a great extent to find them – sometimes too far.

Meet the lover.
Photo by John Schnobrich / Unsplash

In the category of being motivated by connecting with others, we find a third and very important archetype, the lover.

However, where the jester is motivated by pleasure, and the everyman by a sense of belonging, the lover is motivated by intimacy.

Its motto is,

“I only have eyes for you”,

and it just wants to be in a relationship with the people and surroundings it loves.

That makes the lover a very passionate personality with a wide range of passions.

Everything from sexual passion to family oriented warmth is in play, and in essence, the lover is an incurable romantic, soulmate, and companion.

It involves itself in all kinds of human love and goes to a great extent to find it.

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