Meet the jester.

Known as the clown, comedian, or entertainer, the archetype of the jester is a joyful, fun, and innovative team player; but it can also be cruel.

Meet the jester.
Photo by Yuriy Yosipiv / Unsplash

If it wasn't for the jester, life would be utterly boring, and we wouldn't be able to laugh at ourselves.

The jester is an archetype we find as the clown, comedian, or entertainer, and it always uses humor to get its message across.

It's the essence of a joyful approach to life, and it's full of spontaneous fun and playfulness. It sees life through a different filter, and connects the dots in unforeseen ways to find the humorous angle to everything.

As a result, it's a brilliant innovator who can come up with solutions no one has ever thought of before. Usually as part of a team, since the jester depends on a strong social context to function.

It can, however, be moody if it's not recognized by its surroundings for its act.

If this trait is taken to extremes, it can turn the jester into a cruel antagonist who seeks destruction in funny ways. The Joker character in the story about Batman is a great example of that.

Mostly, though, the jester is a pleasant breeze of lightness and positive energy that cannot be denied.

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