Meet the innocent.

As an archetype, the innocent is motivated by the independence and freedom that comes from being pure at heart.

Meet the innocent.
Photo by Alvin Mahmudov / Unsplash

Tucked in between the change seeking explorer and the disruptive rebel, we find the archetype of the innocent.

Like its two cousins, the innocent seeks independence and freedom too, but it does so by focusing on simplicity, purity, and harmony; motivated by the safety that comes with it.

It's driven by an agenda of achieving a simple, pure life by always doing the right thing.

Nothing nurtures the innocent more than the freedom to be the way we are meant to, without add-ons.

As a result, it's a soul-searching archetype like the explorer, but at the same time it changes the game like the rebel.

It brings an honest, uncomplicated, and straightforward way of doing things to the table that cannot be denied.

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