Meet the discovery board.

Document your self-awareness on your personal discovery board, and share it with others.

Meet the discovery board.
Photo by June Liu / Unsplash

I'm sure you know about vision boards, and how effective they are, but have you heard about discovery boards?

They are like scrap books for your self-discovery, except they are, well, boards. Just like a pin board hanging on the wall.

Mindblaze now offers the option of your personal discovery board.

It's where you can document your lifestyle as a seeker with notes, photos, drawings, video-links, and files.

In addition, you can see the boards of others, comment on them, and be inspired by their process. It's very dynamic, so use it as much as you want.

I have one too (it works particularly well from a smartphone with the Mural app.)

All it takes is a Discovery membership (or higher), and you have access.

Stay on the trail,

Michell Léon

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