Making invisible pain visible.

It took Jacquiline Østergaard 20 years to find her mission after a serious car accident.

Making invisible pain visible.
Photo by Katrine Heller.

A car accident 20 years ago sent Jacquiline Østergaard into a dark corridor of invisible pain, but she emerged from it as a graphical poet on a mission.

Her big question was, how do you relate to something that's invisible, yet still controls your life? It took her a long time to figure out a way forward.

She allowed the pain to transform her, and through that process she was able to change her narrative about it.

In 2022, she published a collection of graphical poems, From Pain To Poetry, as a high-end art book to share her experience.

It turned out to be the perfect tool for pain coaches and therapists because it gives their clients a visual language for expressing how they feel. Much like she did.

However, her craft as an artist didn't click into place until someone gave her a reMarkable out of the blue.

It's a tablet that imitates the feeling of paper when writing and drawing on it. It was a complete game changer for her, and Graphical Poet became a reality.

As a result of the interest in her book, she decided to publish the book as three separate e-books to make it easier available to a larger international audience.

It's now on its way to Australia, the United States, and Japan, and she is looking forward to sharing her learning points about invisible pains.

If you are interested in the book, you can get it here,

Hardcover: Order from Mindblaze.


Vol. 1: Amazon · Apple Books · Barnes & Nobles · Bookmate · Scribd

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