Make yourself an NFT.

Connect a lot of little things in your mind uniquely, and share it as a specific event in time. That's innovation, but it's also NFT.

Make yourself an NFT.

In this day and age of radical innovation, we are confronted with lots of new ways to unfold life, and one of them is NFT.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and as complicated as that sounds, it simply means that it's unique.

A piece of art is an NFT, for example, because it doesn't look like anything else (hopefully).

A limited edition product is also an NFT, such as a special sneaker or a VIP-ticket for an event. It could also be something as tangible as your house and something as intangible as a patent.


Whatever it is, NFT gives you a wide array of creative opportunities that make it both easier and safer to exchange values with other people.

The reason is the underlying technology, which is called blockchain, and it's one of the radical innovations of our time.

It can be a bit complicated to get your head around, but let's keep it super simple.

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