Make your stamina count.

Personal development takes stamina, and you don't know how much you have got until you reach your limit.

Make your stamina count.
Photo by Jaco Pretorius / Unsplash

Like in any extreme sport, stamina is key to creating results in personal development.

You may think it's enough to do a round of coaching and browse a few motivational talks, but that's far from the reality.

True personal development takes time and stamina. There is no quick fix, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying.

Just go

The great challenge is knowing the limitations of your stamina, and since that's impossible in advance, you just have to get going.

Figure out your initial route through the landscape of personal development, and see where it takes you.

At some point, you will be inspired by something unforeseen, and when that happens, go with it.

It will take you to places you didn't know you had within, and you will start building your life differently.

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