Make your destiny count.

You can't change your destiny, but you can choose how to get there, and you better start now.

Make your destiny count.
Photo by Alex Jones / Unsplash

One of the big questions of personal development is whether you have a destiny or not, and if so, why go through the trouble of improving yourself?

It depends on how you define destiny, obviously. Is it a fixed thing, or is it of a more plastic character that gives you some wiggle room?

An abstract absolute

Based on my learning and observations through the years, I believe that what we call destiny refers to a preset goal of life.

It's an abstract absolute that your higher self (soul) strives to achieve through your physical experiences within time and space. Simply because it needs those experiences to be complete.

However, it doesn't tell you how to achieve the goal. That's up to you, and as a result, you are driven to act based on a combination of your will power and your destiny.

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