Make unique decisions.

To discover unique solutions, we have to activate more minds than our own, and it begins with collaborative intelligence on a personal level.

Make unique decisions.
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One of the main reasons the world isn't developing for the better fast enough, is that we keep making standard decisions.

We are all educated to think in a certain way based on the industrial mindset, and although it has its benefits, it seeks to standardize solutions.

The upside of this is, of course, the ability to scale production and make products cheaper. The downside is a lack of originality and innovation.

To move things forward, we have to find a way of uniting the two ways of thinking, and it begins with making unique decisions.

It's a tough route

It sounds easy, doesn't it? It's actually difficult, since it requires a fundamental shift in our mindset.

Changing not just a thinking pattern, but also an emotional sense of the right way to do things, is an uphill-battle for most of us.

Our existing behavior is deeply engraved in our mind and nervous system, so the moment we meet resistance, we are likely to do what we have always done.

Two-fold principle

Seen from our perspective, the best way of fixing it is by following a two-fold principle,

  1. A decision-making process with the goal of making a unique decision.
  2. A decision-making process involving more than one mind working at that goal.

In other words, we are suggesting the use of collaborative intelligence as the path to unique solutions.

Collaborative intelligence

The concept of collaborative intelligence isn't anything new, but the way we do it these days is.

New technologies, like Mural, have emerged, and they allow us to go through a process of collaborative decision-making no matter where we are on the planet.

It's not only more democratic, it's also a unique way of solving problems.

It does require one crucial thing, though. A skilled facilitator.

Make it easier

Being a facilitator means you only deliver the process, not the content.

Your job is to conduct a series of exercises that crystallize the content already present in a group of people.

Most importantly, the solution has to be easier to reach than if the group had done it itself.

The original Latin meaning of the word facilitate is “to make easier”, so if you can't do that, you are not facilitating.

Make it unique

Now, if the process of facilitation is done right, then whatever is crystallized will always be unique.

That's exactly the goal of Mindblaze within the realm of personal growth.

We know from experience that you can get pretty far on your own, and we use our on-demand content to help get there.

However, we also know that at some point you are going to need a collective mind to help you make the unique decisions.

That's where we use remote group workshops. They ignite the collaborative intelligence to lead you to more unique solutions. Even on a personal level.

To be part of them, simply sign up for a Mindblaze Academy membership. There is a 7-day free trial, and you can cancel and downgrade anytime you want.

Let's make unique individual decisions together.

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