Life is a subscription.

You can't take it all in. You have to carefully select your focus to get the most out of it. And once you do, you are on the path to mastery.

Life is a subscription.

By Michell Léon

No matter what you do in life, you have to invest yourself in it. If you don't, nothing will come out of it.

This is especially true as a unique individual. It's a natural part of our personalities to invest ourselves in life much more than the average person.

Whether in art, science or entrepreneurship, we are not afraid of using ourselves to the very limit to get the most out of life.

Find your focus

We can't do it all, though. We might think we can when we are young, but life soon sets its limits to how we can apply ourselves.

So we have to find our focus and do what we do best. The question is, of course, what?

If we are multi talented, we will have eternal difficulties choosing a focus. Life will be a constant experimentation with both sides (or more) of our personality.

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